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Virtual guide alleviates hospital navigation stress


Virtual guide alleviates hospital navigation stress

The challenge

At times both patients and visitors can become overwhelmed by the prospect of navigating large, unfamiliar hospitals – which can add stress to an already stressful situation.

Reducing this additional stress is a significant test for hospital administrators.

Finding a way to increase patient and visitor confidence in their ability to find their way through a seeming labyrinth of wards, clinics and surgeries would go a long way towards improving visitor satisfaction levels.

The solution

MapData Services is driving the best-of-breed indoor navigation technology behind the apps that virtually guide patients and visitors through hospitals.

The smartphone app pinpoints the location of the user and directs them through the building, providing turn-by-turn directions from the admission desk to subsequent hospital departments and anywhere they need to go.

Patients can be sent a link with their admission papers which enables them to opt-in to download the app and access secure information they need for their visit.

If the patient has activated the app, the hospital is notified when they arrive and pass through a virtual gate, known as a ‘geofence’.

Family members and visitors can use the app to locate the most suitable car park or hospital entry.

The bottom line

With a virtual guide in the palm of their hands, patients and visitors will have newfound confidence navigating the often maze-like corridors of complex healthcare facilities.

Tailored for each hospital, the app enables hospital directors, administrators and staff to gain compelling insights into visitor behaviour through analysis of how the facilities are being used.

By understanding how visitors move around and interact with a hospital’s precinct, staff and amenities can be positioned where they are needed most.

The technology behind the app is exceptionally flexible allowing users to protect their privacy by choosing what information they share with the hospital.

This means that visitor movement information can be collected while maintaining the anonymity of individual users.

Virtual guide alleviates hospital navigation stress