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Site selection services extend reach for Zeus Street Greek


Site selection services extend reach for Zeus Street Greek

The challenge

The founder of Zeus Street Greek – a fast casual food chain established in Sydney’s Inner West in 2014 – knew what he wanted when he was planning to launch the modern brand of Greek street food to new suburbs throughout Australia.

The company had a clear understanding of the type of customer it wanted to target, but it didn’t know exactly where those customers were outside of its foundation store’s Sydney enclave.

To help locate business for its new franchise ventures, Zeus Street Greek needed a solution that would enable the company’s key decision-makers to identify the right sites that would extend the reach of the brand even further. 

The solution

With experience assisting the growth of another successful local food chain Crust Gourmet Pizza, MapData Services – Australia’s leading provider of authoritative data and intelligent mapping solutions – were called on to leverage its geodemographic and retail site selection product and service offering.

From the information sourced, detailed demographic reports were developed for various major urban hubs around the country, which provided Zeus Street Greek with the ability to identify the locations deemed to have the highest potential for success, and expand the franchise based off the data.

The bottom line

Zeus Street Greek didn’t have to guess what suburbs would be best suited for new store locations. Based off the data provided, the company knew which interstate city areas would yield the greatest success and return.

Since this initial research was carried out, the chain has opened its first stores in Melbourne and Brisbane, in addition to new outlets across Sydney – mixing franchised and company-owned operations in a variety of retail formats.

Site selection services extend reach for Zeus Street Greek