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Indoor mapping helps track equipment on the move


Indoor mapping helps track equipment on the move

The challenge

Keeping track of mobile machinery and equipment in large complexes such as universities, entertainment venues and hospitals is a constant challenge for building and facility managers.

Because of their portable nature, mobile assets are frequently shared between different departments and trying to locate them when they are needed or for maintenance can often cause headaches for administrators and staff.

In extreme cases – in hospitals for example – finding the right equipment for the job can literally be a matter of life and death.

Fortunately, recent advances in indoor and smart mapping technology are drastically reducing this challenge and making it easier to track and monitor mobile assets.

The solution

Mobile asset tracking has been an essential element of the transport and logistics industry for many years, however this capability has only recently become available for indoor spaces – achieved through significant advances in digital mapping of building interiors.

As more facilities adopt indoor mapping technology, the options to track and pinpoint rogue assets are increasing. One emerging option utilises ‘smart tags’ attached to high value and mobile assets. 

As the asset moves around the campus or facility, the tag periodically scans ambient Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signals from nearby access points and alerts tracking software to the exact location of the item within the building or complex.

The technology then plots the location of the asset on an interactive smart map – providing administrators with a complete view of their fleet.

The bottom line

New indoor tracking technology is empowering building managers with a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of how assets are being used or stored within their facility.

Not only do these innovative solutions allow staff to pinpoint the exact location of a certain piece of equipment, they also track its movements over time and allow management to analyse how regularly it is used and by which departments.

This insight helps to ensure the correct inventory is available where the demand is greatest and better schedule maintenance and required upgrades for specific machinery and equipment.

Indoor mapping helps track equipment on the move