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Direct messaging dictates dinner decisions


Direct messaging dictates dinner decisions

The challenge
More chicken on Australian dinner tables; better advertising return on investment. That’s what Red Rooster wanted to achieve with their next campaign.

If the fast-food restaurant chain had the ability to source, and map, information on consumer habits, attitudes and preferences – generating what’s known as ‘psychographic’ data – their bus shelter advertising would be better targeted.

To do this, they essentially had to work out where their customers lived, and what made them tick.

The solution
Helping with the roll out of Red Rooster’s new bus shelter billboards was leading Australian media agency Bohemia, who approached Roy Morgan Research to leverage their cutting-edge consumer segmentation tool – Helix Personas.

MapData Services created the user-friendly Helix Personas dashboard – which stores data sets relating to everything from people, places and spend to household net worth and crime rates.

Using the data, the online profiling tool accurately classifies and maps Australia’s population, based on 56 different personas. Businesses can then discover what personas are located where, allowing for smarter, and sharper, advertising campaigns.

The bottom line
Using the tool, consumers were profiled within a one-kilometre radius of almost 400 bus shelters.

The results dictated what advertisement ran at each shelter, allowing Red Rooster to choose an image and message that best spoke to a particular consumer group.

By efficiently allocating their advertising budget, the restaurant chain generated better return on investment. They also improved their consumer engagement with more targeted messaging.

Direct messaging dictates dinner decisions