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City sourced feedback puts Adelaide on the map


City sourced feedback puts Adelaide on the map

The starting point

With the rise and rise of social media and smartphone usage – plus more widespread mobile internet connectivity – Adelaide City Council was keen to explore new interaction channels to engage their community.

Council had identified the way their residents expected to do business with them had shifted. No longer were traditional customer service models – such as call centres – going to cut it. Rather, Council realised that members of the public want to interact with their local government at a time and place that suits them.


In a nutshell, Council was looking for a creative way for their residents to quickly and easily report issues and voice their concerns.

Our solution

Council turned to the cutting-edge CitySourced technology to develop a smartphone app that empowers residents to submit on-the-ground reports about what’s happening in their communities – all in the blink of an eye. Residents simply use their phones to capture photos, video or audio of the problem, and then press submit to send the information directly to Council.

The app, known as ‘Report It’, is compatible with all smartphones and has opened up an exciting new channel for residents to help clean up their communities. Examples of user updates include photographs of damaged lighting in the city parklands, right through to design deficiencies in public assets - for example, a tap that is too high for children to reach in a playground.

The bottom line

With its instant, two-way reporting capabilities, Report It has challenged traditional customer service models, enabling Adelaide residents to bypass call centre queues to cut through the proverbial ‘red tape’.


CitySourced reports are geo-tagged to automatically provide the issue’s location, which makes reporting easier for users and increases reliability for service crews. The technology also sends the user confirmation that their report has been received and also when the job’s been updated or completed – so it’s increasing accountability and transparency for the Council as well.


City sourced feedback puts Adelaide on the map