A new breed of road maps is HERE, thanks to the release of a real-time location and traffic information platform.

HERE, a global leader in mapping and location intelligence, has launched a new Location Platform, which offers fresh and invigorated maps and location experiences for multiple screens and operating systems.

In a nutshell, the HERE Location Platform offers easy access to rich, reliable accurate maps with innovative services and instant scalability.

The Location Platform offers:


  • Use map styles optimised for your daily operations, while leveraging up-to-date and reliable content
  • Access indoor maps for locations such as airports and sporting venues
  • Incorporate satellite imagery into your maps


  • Provide mobile assets with fast and smart routing services for various transport modes
  • Optimise routing for trucks and large vehicles
  • Navigate and calculate routes for multiple destinations
  • Access real-time traffic data
  • Develop routes for pedestrians and public transport


  • See real-time traffic flow for improved driver navigation
  • Combine real-time data with historical information, for safety and efficiency
  • Locate information on traffic incidents, congestion and construction


  • Translate addresses into GPS coordinates and vice versa
  • Access highly accurate point addressing with localised address labels
  • Undertake reverse geocoding and batch geocoding


  • Explore and interact with various points of interest and locations worldwide
  • Find in-depth, reliable place information (e.g. name, address, opening hours, pictures etc.)
  • Use one-click navigation and text searching capability


With nearly three decades of experience in cartography and over 80,000 data sources under their belt, HERE is a supplier of choice for organisations in the vehicle, portable, wireless and internet space.

To learn how you can unlock the power of the HERE Location Platform, contact one of MapData Services’ consultants on +61 2 8436 2800.